Auto Vinyl Wraps


3M carries a wide variety and spectrum of colors when it comes to auto vinyl wraps

Auto Vinyl Wraps

A brief message from 3M on Auto Vinyl Wraps:

Refuse to be ordinary. Refuse to blend in. 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film Series 1080 offers a simple and impressive way to make you — and your car — stand out in the crowd. Mix and match textures and colors to create the look that portrays your distinct image. Use it for: Hoods, Roofs, Trunk lids, Mirror covers, or the entire vehicle!

3M Scotchprint Auto Vinyl Wraps

Another glimpse at the 3M Auto Vinyl Wraps colors that are available


Auto Vinyl Wraps for exotic high-end cars

This Ferrari owner looked into the benefits of installing Auto Vinyl Wraps and was able to change the roof portion of his vehicle from originally white to a Gloss Black which gave his Ferrari the glass roof effect.


We also carry Avery Supreme Auto Vinyl Wraps which also has a wide variety of unique colors. Ask about Conform Chrome Auto Vinyl Wraps!

Avery Supreme Auto Vinyl Wraps Colors

A glimpse at Avery Supreme Auto Vinyl Wraps and the colors available.


Paint Protection Film (vinyl)

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Most consumers are unaware of Paint Protection Film. Protect your investment. Having PPF installed on your vehicle can protect the most vulnerable places from acquiring chips, scratches, lovebug build-up, etc. TNT offers a Quality Product for an affordable price. Call today for more information or stop by the shop to see what we have to offer. PPF packages starting as low as $399.99*

Auto Vinyl Wraps and Hoodstripe Vinyl

Custom Gloss Black Hood Stripes on a 2014 Chevy Corvette C7. GM charges about $950 for this but TNT Window Tint did it for a lot less.


Hood Stripes

TNT Window Tint of Port St. Lucie also specializes in custom hood stripes. Depending on the style and vehicle the prices may vary. Using knifeless tape we rarely put a knife to your vehicle which is most consumer’s worries when it come to getting hood stripes installed. Dealerships tend to over price these jobs thus allowing us to deliver the same exact product and service at an unbeatable price.


To Sum It Up

All in all Auto Vinyl Wraps and vinyl hood stripes can be a cost effective way of achieving a one of a kind look for your vehicle while not decreasing the value of your vehicle by painting over the OEM factory paint. A great choice in the after market industry. Call us today for more information on our Auto Vinyl Wraps. For more pictures of Auto Vinyl Wraps visit us out Facebook page and don’t forget to hit the LIKE button.

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