Automotive Window Tint


Enjoy the benefits of window tint on your vehicle.

South Florida is a wonderful place to live with sunshine practically all year round which also presents our vehicles and bodies with many health hazards. Ultraviolet rays from the Sun are the culprit behind faded leather and cracked dashboards as well as being the leading cause linked to skin cancer. By applying a high performance window tint to your vehicle you will block out 99% of these harmful rays giving you and your vehicle the protection you need.

Automotive Window Tint comes in several different VLT shades to choose from including 5%, 20%, 35%, and 50%. The lower the visible light transparency the more heat rejection you will have. An added benefit to having tint is privacy. No more people staring at you when you’re at a red light and it will give your vehicle a sharper look.

Please check state and local laws to know the legal limit regarding VLT allowance. In the state of Florida the legal limit regarding VLT is 28% or higher on the front driver and passenger door glass and 15% or higher on the rear portion of the vehicle. Auto glass has a natural tint to it which is normally around 70% – 80% which makes the VLT on aftermarket films appear darker. To achieve the legal limit in the state of Florida 35% must be installed on the driver and passenger front door glass ensuring your VLT is above 28%. The rear portion of the vehicle would be 20% keeping the VLT above the 15% VLT reading. Law enforcement uses a device in which they place over  the edge of the outside and inside of the top of your window and a laser is passed through to an optical reader which will in turn let the officer know how much VLT is passing through the glass.

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