Taillight Tint (Vinyl)

Before & After look at Taillight Tint

Taillight Tint

This has become very popular over the years. By applying a dark grey translucent vinyl (taillight tint) to your taillights we are able to give you that smoked out look without having to order them online. This can provide your vehicle with a sharper look and make certain colors and features “pop”. Most people are under the misconception regarding tail light tint. It’s not an actual tint. It’s a Dark Grey vinyl with a see-through appearance allowing the brake light to still shine through it. The product we install is made by Oracal and it is covered by a 5-year Limited Warranty. To remove the film you can use a heat gun or let the vehicle sit in direct sunlight for a while and the film will easily come off. More colors and shades are available by request although the Dark Grey color seems to be the industry standard. Call us today for more information regarding taillight tint installs.

Tailight Tint normally cost between $40-$60 for the pair depending on the difficulty of the install and the amount of film that is used. Call ahead and we can verify through pictures of your vehicle online to give you a proper quote prior to setting an appointment.

For more pictures of taillight tint jobs installed at TNT Window Tint visit our Facebook page. —>www.facebook.com/StLucieWindowTint

*Disclaimer: Check your local laws to see if this is against the law or not. If it is then it’s a non-moving traffic violation and upon removing the film they will more than likely dismiss the ticket. Some insurance agencies can and have denied accident claims due to taillights being tinted. Taillight tint is installed at your own risk and TNT Window Tint cannot and will not be held liable for any citations or accidents caused from having taillight tint.

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